Ice Cream for Corporate Events and Private Hire

We know we’re not the only ones working hard. If you and your team deserve a refreshing treat please get in touch to book in one of our vans. We also have ice cream carts and ice cream bikes for events in Yorkshire to add a different flavour to your special day.

ice cream for school children treat

Ice Cream Treats

Are you a head teacher and you want to treat your staff and children after a great school year? Or maybe an MD who wants to say thank you to your employees for working so hard? We know it can be tricky to think of a way to treat large groups of people so why not treat the whole lot to an ice cream? Don’t forget Christmas too, ice cream isn’t just for the summer!

private hire ice cream van
ice cream for cycling events
corporate hire ice cream van

Ice Cream For All Occasions

ice cream men shows and events

Country Shows & Events

We have a fleet of 50 retail ice cream units and vans, perfectly equipped to cater for country shows, events, summer fairs and galas.

ice cream van for corporate hire and private parties

Corporate & Private Hire

Find out how hiring an ice cream van from Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream, can be a great way to bring a smile to the faces of your friends and colleagues.