What We Make

Quite simply it’s the genuine article!

Tankers of fresh milk and double cream from the Yorkshire Dales arrive each day to our factory here on the farm. Using time-honoured recipes, the milk and cream is traditionally churned with butter, sugar and delicious fruits, chocolates and more, to create the great taste of Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream.

By sourcing our milk and cream exclusively with dairy farms in the Yorkshire Dales we can always be sure that it is incredibly fresh, fully traceable and that the animals and their environment are very well cared for.

Of course, we don’t just make Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream, we also sell it! You can buy our ice cream here at our parlour Billy-Bob’s, from our vans around the Dales and at shows up and down the country, as well as in local shops and supermarkets.

Our manufacturing facility is based here on the farm and we are proud to have been the first ice cream manufacturer in the UK to achieve SALSA accreditation (Safe and Local Supplier Approval). This is your assurance that, throughout the production process, we adhere to strict food safe practices.

We’re passionate about selling our ice cream, and with over 20 years experience we know a lot about it too, so you’ll find us eager to help our wholesale customers make the best of their ice cream operation too.


Take Home

Our distinctive 1ltr range of tubs for the home freezer are available in 6 delicious family-favourite flavours: Homemade Vanilla, English Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Cinder Toffee Crunch, Mint Chocolate Chip and Raspberry Ripple Shortcake.

Available in independent shops and larger Tesco Stores throughout Yorkshire.






Our catering range is made up of 16 delicious flavours packed into 4.25 litre Napoli ‘scooping’ trays. Flavours include family-favourites such as Homemade Vanilla, Double Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip, as well as flavours unique to our catering range such as Rum & Raisin, Summer Berry, Banoffee and refreshing sorbets.








A miniature version of our 1 litre tub, containing a perfect 125ml single serving of ice cream, as well as a handy wet-wipe, spoon and a re-sealable lid – mess free and the ideal in convenience when on the go.

Available in 5 delicious family-favourite flavours: Homemade Vanilla, English Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Cinder Toffee Crunch and Mint Choc Chip.




We are also able to offer a wide range of associated ice cream products to complement our offering, such as cones, lollies, sauces and toppings, making us a convenient one stop order and delivery service for all your ice cream needs.