A smashing taste of the Yorkshire Dales…


Thanks for stopping by! Perhaps you’re planning to visit to Billy-Bob’s parlour here at the farm, have enjoyed a cone from one of our ice cream vans, bought a tub at your local supermarket, want to stock our ice cream in your shop, or would like us to attend your event.  Whatever the reason, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you more about us and our delicious farmhouse ice cream.

Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream is a family business, and we’ve been selling ice cream in and around the Yorkshire Dales for three generations, close to 60 years. We’re dedicated to making great quality, delicious ice cream for families right across the country, always offering a generous portion for a reasonable price.

We make all our ice cream here on our farm near Bolton Abbey, and our family recipes and farming heritage are handed down generation to generation against the backdrop of the stunning Yorkshire Dales. The farm is not only our family home and working farm, it houses our state-of-the art ice cream manufacturing facility, our fleet of 50 ice cream vans and delivery vehicles, and our busy ice cream parlour.

We use time-honoured recipes to produce a rainbow of delicious flavours from quality ingredients. If you’ve ever been to the Yorkshire Dales, you’ll know it’s a place of fresh air and breathtaking scenery, and almost half of our ice-cream recipe is fresh milk and cream which comes only from farms in the Yorkshire Dales. To that we add delicious fruits, chocolates and a lot of imagination, and stir up the most delicious flavours.

Ice cream is our business, but equally it’s our passion and we like nothing better than making great tasting Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream at a fair price for those of you who love ice cream too!